Letter From Head of School

"Thank you for your interest in Esprit International School! As you explore our school, you will see an innovative system of education that has been utilized in Montessori schools around the world for over one hundred years. It provides a highly successful approach to educating children to develop the skills to be creative thinkers and life-long learners.

Current research supports the Montessori Method and many Montessori elementary and secondary programs are currently being developed across the country and around the world by dedicated educators from public, private and charter school programs seeking ways to change the face of education to meet the changing needs of our society during the “technology revolution.” The factory model approach to education is being replaced by programs similar to Esprit; programs that encourage creative thinking and problem solving skills.

At Esprit, we are passionate about meeting the social and emotional needs of students, hand in hand with helping students excel academically. Esprit was granted the Certificate of Authorization as an IB Primary Years Program (PYP) World School in November 2014. The support of our teachers and families was instrumental in achieving this accomplishment. This affiliation presents many opportunities for our students, and we look forward to continued growth as an IB World School.

Learning, exploring, and smiling students are the most important members of our family, and they are the focus of an Esprit education. Underneath all our interactions with children lie the Montessori tenets: multi-aged, diverse classrooms; prepared environments designed to facilitate choices for children; teachers acting as role models and facilitators; and an atmosphere of respect, grace, and courtesy. Esprit offers a wonderfully unique educational environment, and I invite you to experience it first-hand. Please feel free to contact the office at any time by calling 281-298-9200. You may also email admissions@espritschool.com with any questions. We look forward to visiting with you.”



Rosemary Brumbelow

Head of School

Esprit International School

Welcome to Esprit International School! At Esprit, we are dedicated to building a solid foundation of joy for learning. The love of learning and love of life are the fundamental approaches we apply in teaching each student.

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