High School Classroom Overview

(grades 9-12)

Esprit’s high school program provides a highly individualized, challenging, college preparatory environment. Due to individual learning styles, the overall classroom experience will differ from student to student. The high school curriculum was developed in correlation with Texas, McREL, and college standards and expectations. Students are given course syllabi from which they design and plan their own weekly schedule. In preparation for university studies, rather than focusing on a prescribed daily schedule of courses, students work for extended blocks of time on subjects that will satisfy their prescribed course of study.


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High school schedules vary based on student-selected courses.


8:15-8:25 Community Meeting

8:30-9:50 Biology

9:55-11:15 Electives

11:15-11:45 Lunch

11:45-12:15 Recess

12:20-12:40 Advisory

12:45-2:05 Foreign Language

2:10-3:30 English

8:15-8:25 Community Meeting

8:30-9:50 Geography

9:55-11:15 Math

11:15-11:45 Lunch

11:45-12:15 Recess

12:20-12:40 Advisory

12:45-2:05 Electives

2:10-3:30 P.E./Athletics

8:15-8:25 Community Meeting

8:30-9:50 Biology

9:55-11:15 Electives

11:15-11:45 Lunch

11:45-12:15 Recess

12:20-12:40 Advisory

12:45-2:05 Foreign Language

2:10-3:30 English

8:15-8:25 Community Meeting

8:30-9:50 Geography

9:55-11:15 Math

11:15-11:45 Lunch

11:45-12:15 Recess

12:20-12:40 Advisory

12:45-2:05 Electives

2:10-3:30 P.E./Athletics

8:15-8:25 Community Meeting

8:30-9:15 Biology

9:20-10:05 Math

10:10-10:55 Geography

11:00-11:45 Elective

11:45-12:20 Lunch/Recess

12:25-1:10 English

1:15-3:30 Friday Enrichments






What does a Montessori high school program look like?

In Esprit’s middle school program, students focus on developing abstract thinking skills. They are formulating a bigger picture of the world and their role in it. Our high school program builds on this model, allowing for greater autonomy. To accommodate the changes a child experiences in adolescence, the middle school and high school programs allow students a wide range of opportunities. After learning the foundational aspects of a subject, students are given the opportunity to pursue a multitude of project-based options to illustrate their knowledge and personal interest in a specific aspect of the material.

Project-based Learning

Project-based learning is built on the premise that students learn by doing. While many programs allow the class to work on innovative group projects, Esprit’s program allows students to design their own independent or small group projects. In order to facilitate this process and ensure the highest quality of work, students create an outline of their project along with goals and completion dates. Then they work with an instructor to redesign or improve their plan. Students complete projects regularly for science and history classes. These are generally completed over the course of one week and may include poster presentations, experiments, speeches, debates, skits, songs, etc. In addition to science and history projects, students design multi-discipline, extended length projects with outlines and timelines for completion. This is an exciting opportunity to pursue any topic of personal interest at a level far beyond most environments.

Ensuring Depth and Breadth

The challenge of a Montessori based high school curriculum is creating a program that allows for independence and autonomy while also ensuring that students have a wide range of knowledge and skills covering all academic disciplines. Esprit accomplishes this goal by providing students with college level reading and writing activities in all academic disciplines. Students are required to complete daily activities including reading, outlining, analyzing, and interpreting information. After obtaining the foundational knowledge for a wide ranging curriculum, students are then given the freedom to delve further into topics of particular interest to deepen their understanding.

Individualized Approach

A student’s course of study during their junior and senior year will be largely dependent on their success at Esprit as well as their desire to pursue college level credit. Advanced and/or highly motivated students will have the option to enroll in college level courses at Lone Star College. This is an exciting opportunity for students to earn college and high school credit while working toward their high school diploma. In partnership with Lone Star College, Esprit offers students the opportunity to attend college classes. The independence of the high school program allows the student to adapt their high school workload and schedule around their college classes. The style, schedule, and work load students experience during their first two years at Esprit provides for a smooth transition into the college setting. Students are comfortable with set deadlines, open work periods, a challenging work level, and independent reading and learning. Lone Star College offers a wide range of dual credit classes including but not limited to English Composition, College Algebra, Sociology, and Psychology.

Practical Life Skills

In addition to a multitude of project and independent learning activities, students participate in activities that help build practical life skills.

Students will complete a personal finance and consumer science course to help prepare them for their entry into the expectations of adult life. Some of the skills learned include balancing a checkbook, creating a budget, price comparisons and basic cooking skills as well as simple home repair. Students in the middle school and high school programs plan an end of the year adventure trip. To build practical life skills, students are responsible for planning all aspects of the trip. Students plan fundraising activities, compare travel prices, and design the itinerary.

Previous class trips have included: Washington D.C., Disney World, Costa Rica and Greece.

Esprit Graduates

Esprit High School graduates will understand their place in the world. They will be internationally minded and understand global concepts. They will be able to see the impact of actions beyond the personal level. Esprit graduates will be problem solvers. They will not look to others to lead the discussion. They will be able to think through a problem to develop a practical solution. Esprit graduates will be prepared. Graduates will be ready to pursue challenging college level work. While their academic studies will prepare them for continued study, life experiences gained through project learning, service learning, and other activities will prepare them for life outside of academics.

College Acceptances

American College – Dublin

American University – Paris

American University - Rome

Arizona State University

Art Institute of Houston

Austin College

Baylor University

California Polytechnic State University

The Catholic University of America

Centenary University

Colorado School of Mines

Curry College

Franklin University Switzerland

Eastman School of Music

Indiana University

Louisiana State University

Loyola Marymount University

Lynchburg College

Lynn University

Manhattan School of Music

New England Conservatory

The New School – Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

Oklahoma State University

Richmond – The American International University in London

Roanoke College

Saint Andrews University

Saint Louis University - Madrid

Sam Houston State University

Santa Fe University of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design

Southern Methodist University

Southwestern University

St. Edward’s University

Sweet Briar College

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University at Galveston

Texas State University

Texas Tech University

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Glasgow

University of Houston

University of La Verne

University of Maine

University of North Texas

University of St. Thomas

University of Texas

University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas at Dallas

University of Texas at San Antonio

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