Language Policy

We believe that every teacher at Esprit International School is a language teacher. Likewise, all of our students are language learners who contribute to the school with their varying experiences of different languages. Using languages for communication is increasingly complex and ever-changing. We support our students’ mother tongue languages, recognizing that language learning is not only about developing competency in languages, it is about being able to understand language and developing internationally-minded people. To develop these qualities in our students we must provide an inclusive environment, striving towards a learning community that promotes language diversity and supports equal opportunities.

Language Learner Profile Goals

At Esprit our language students aim to be:

  • Inquirers: Students inquire into language use and language structures. They use language to acquire information and to make sense of their world.
  • Thinkers: Students are able to use language as a tool to develop a variety of thinking strategies and approaches.
  • Communicators: Students develop and refine all transdisciplinary communication skills.
  • Risk-takers: They willingly attempt to read, write or speak in situations where they may not feel confident.
  • Knowledgeable: They have acquired the vocabulary and understanding to discuss language structures, text forms and literary styles.
  • Principled: They are aware that language is powerful and it must therefore be used responsibly.
  • Open-minded: They respect differences and similarities between languages, dialects and personal communication styles.
  • Caring: They show care in their use of language and are aware of how the use of language can affect others.
  • Balanced: They can express themselves in a variety of ways, read a variety of written material and are able to write for different purposes and audiences.
  • Reflective: They reflect on their language development and consciously work at improving their language proficiency.

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