Pre-Primary Classroom Overview

In Montessori schools everything is viewed as an opportunity for children to learn more about the world around them and their role in it. This is especially important in early childhood programs that include children under the age of three.

We utilize some of the following techniques in our school environment:




Children are greeted by the teacher and welcomed in to the classroom. They are encouraged to choose quiet activities, such as looking at books or watering plants, to begin their day.

Morning Meeting

Because all children are not yet developmentally prepared to sit for a fifteen minute meeting, this element of our day is added incrementally as the academic school year progresses.

Work Period

Children are free to choose materials that interest them within the classroom. They are expected to work quietly and to treat their work with respect. All students are taught to use one material at a time and, if they choose to work on the ground, to delineate their work space with a work mat.

Circle Time - Music

Students learn nursery rhymes with movement which facilitates language learning, brain development, gross motor skills and rhythm.


The classroom comes together to prepare the food. If necessary, we clean and cut it into bite size pieces before placing it in our communal bowls, providing students with an opportunity to see their food in an unprocessed and unprepared state. Children then set their own places at the table: place mats, utensils, plates, cups, and napkins. We serve the food either “family” or “buffet” style in order to allow children to learn appropriate behavior in either of these circumstances. Children are expected to feed themselves independently. After they finish eating, they then clean their spaces by putting their food remains in either the garbage or compost bin, placing their place settings in the dirty dishes bin, cleaning their table space, and washing their hands and faces.

Outdoor Playtime

An important area of a child’s development is outdoor exploration for the refinement of gross motor skills.

Work Period and Care of Self

Work Period or Outdoor Playtime

(depending on weather)

Circle Time – Book Reading


Morning Dismissal


Snack and Care of Self

The teacher uses a non-verbal signal to inform the children that it is time to put away their work and sit quietly on the rug. Morning Meeting is a time for all of the children to greet one another and begin their day together. It allows the teacher an opportunity to share a specific book, to give a lesson on a new material, or to practice vocabulary with the entire group of children. Morning Meeting is also embraced as an opportunity to practice social skills during moments that are not emotionally charged; children practice sharing by passing around a special object, treating each other respectfully by mimicking appropriate actions, or listening by focusing on a specific sound.















Providing a calm and orderly home environment is the best way to reinforce what we do at school. Order and predictability is very important to children of this age level. Young children are just starting to figure out how the world works. When something contradicts expected outcomes toddlers often react negatively due to their insecurity.


To respect your child’s developing sense of order, always set clear boundaries and follow through consistently. Expect them to learn to behave appropriately and always treat other life and materials with respect. To reinforce what we do at school, please give your child the freedom to do things independently. Help them learn to dress, feed, and take care of themselves. Starting this at a young age gives them the opportunity to understand that these are things that they must learn to address. Give your child an appropriate amount of responsibility; they will feel empowered by their own independence.


This is an unique time to introduce your child to the world and the expectations that you have for them as an individual. Embrace and enjoy it! You are your child’s first teacher.

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