Rachel Brumbelow


Being a lifelong Montessorian, I have seen how transformative the Montessori method has been for my academic, emotional, and spiritual development. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Childhood Development and served as an Undergraduate Research Assistant under Dr. Echols of the Language Development Lab on campus researching the effects of accentedness on children. Yet, after graduating, my passion for Upper Elementary Montessori education was calling me to work with 4th-6th graders and see them blossom into life long learners. I am continually reminded how much I love my work in Montessori as I observe my students turn into young adults who love learning, seek answers, and promote peace from within.


Esprit International School

Welcome to Esprit International School! At Esprit, we are dedicated to building a solid foundation of joy for learning. The love of learning and love of life are the fundamental approaches we apply in teaching each student.

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