Upper Elementary Classroom Overview

(grades 4-6)

The Montessori elementary curriculum was developed as an integrated whole to serve the developmental needs of children from ages 6 to 12. Dr. Montessori termed this period the second plane of development. The continuity of the curriculum allows individual children to move through the various subject areas at the pace that supports mastering the subject material, building confidence and genuine self-esteem.


The division of the elementary into two stages, 6-9 year olds and 9-12 year olds is based on the students' developmental needs as they move towards adolescence. After the work in the Lower Elementary is done with extensive Montessori material, Upper Elementary students, ages 9-12, transition to more abstract thinking relying more heavily on books and other resource material as they strengthen the work begun in the Lower Elementary. The overall goal of the Montessori Upper Elementary is to provide a prepared environment that meets the needs and tendencies of the child at this stage of their development.

upper elementary DAILY SCHEDULE (Monday - Thursday)



DOL or Silent Reading / Calendar

Community Meeting/Preparation for Dismissal

(possible recess)

Car Line Dismissal – Sign out of all students

Daily Warm-Up

Work Period


Independent Work period

Students will work on their lessons to complete assignments in all academic areas; Teacher-directed subject level lessons are given per the Weekly Lesson Schedule.

Restore the Environment

Lunch and Recess










Characteristics of children ages 9-12

The reasoning mind is very important.

 For every answer the children have a question, "Why?"

By the time they reach the Second Plane, the child has achieved a certain degree of independence and will continue to strive for more independence.

Exploration is another characteristic of this age level and often the child wants to go beyond usual expectations for their age level.

The child often turns outward to broader society and the world beyond himself.

Friends become increasingly important to children at this age.

The child often becomes more adventurous and daring.

Some children become "untidy" with personal belongings.

During this stage of development, the children's conscience becomes keener; they develop better ideas of right and wrong and often seem to have a better understanding of rules and regulations.

Hero worship is characteristic of this age level.

Children have enormous potential of intellect and a tremendous power of imagination during this stage of development.

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